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Top Five Things to Do if You are Depressed

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), more than 19 million Americans are affected by depression each year, and women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men. A national survey discovered that the use of antidepressants has more than doubled over the last 10 years. So why aren’t people getting better?

I think people are “stuck” in a state of depression because they have not cleared their emotional pain. I believe that we are all composed of energy, which vibrates within us and around us constantly. The energy state of depression is so tremendous because it contradicts who we are and what we are meant to be. As people get stuck in a low level of energy, negative thoughts take hold of them and feed their negative emotions, which keeps people stuck in feeling bad. And when you feel worthless you begin to believe you are worthless. Too many people have become their depression.

Depression leads to negative emotions because people believe what they are not, and it is very uncomfortable to exist in a lie.

The good news is that people can do something about it. There is a blueprint in our DNA that has all the information our mind and body needs to heal. We are literally hardwired for happiness. With energy therapy healing depression can happen very quickly, it is common to clear years of depression in just a few sessions.

I suffered from depression myself for years. I used energy healing techniques to tap into negative energy levels and bring myself into a positive state of being. I believe in the power of positive affirmations. Instead of thinking “I am worthless,” think: “I am powerful and I can use my power to make a difference. Instead of thinking “Life is hard,” think: “I am experiencing my life as simple and easy.” By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel.

Here are the top five things to do if you suffer from depression

1. Stop your negative thoughts. If you have a problem stopping obsessive thinking, get an eye patch and patch your right eye. Patching your right eye will shut down the left hemisphere of your brain and the negative, obsessive thinking. It is better than a glass of wine!

2. Zip-up your central meridian. Your central meridian is the energy pathway that runs from your pubic bone to your bottom lip. It can act like a radio receiver if it is not zipped up, picking up negative energies and vibes of others around you. Zip it up by imagining zipping up a zipper that runs up this pathway.

3. Go for a vigorous walk everyday. Walking will increase your endorphins, which lifts your mood. Walking also activates your energy flows to cross from left to right, right to left. A healthy crossover flow of energy lifts your mood 40-60%

4. Refer to your depression as an experience that you are having that can be healed, rather than an identity you are stuck in. Stop saying, “I am depressed or I am suffering from depression.” Your “I am’s” define your identity and keep you stuck with more of what you don’t want. A healthier way of referring to your experience of depression is to say: “I am experiencing the condition of depression, and it is healing.”

5. Believe you can get well. Your belief creates your reality. If you doubt and fear you may never get well — you may not. If you believe you can and will you call it forth in your life. Consider the possibility that one of the higher purposes of your depression was to allow you the experience of healing it to graduate you into more of your true magnificence. Anytime we overcome life experiences that felt like they had the power to even destroy us, we claim mighty powers of our true selves and have great abilities to touch the lives of others as a result. Believe in yourself, believe in your healing, and believe you have a great contribution to make as a result.

Carol Tuttle is an energy psychologist, best-selling author, and very successful speaker. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and many television appearances. She and her husband, Jon, reside in Salt Lake City, UT and utilize these energy clearing techniques in their everyday lives with their 5 children. Carol’s book, Remembering Wholeness and her other products are available on her website http://www.caroltuttle.com In addition she has launched The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, an interactive website utilizing these techniques for clearing literally hundreds of issues. Learn more powerful methods and techniques to clear the patterns of depression from Carol at http://www.caroltuttle.com


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